The Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society (MGHPS) contributes to many articles published in the online maple grove Magazine. The online Magazine also publishes historical articles by other contributors, but are too numerous for us to list here.

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Bob Burlingame Retires as Maple Grove Mayor

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Bob Burlingame capped off more than 40 years of service to the city of Maple Grove when he ended his term as mayor in 2001.

CCX Media Community News

Highlighting a Milestone of Service

Maple Grove Mayor Mark Steffenson

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As of July 2021, Mark Steffenson has served as the mayor of Maple Grove for 20 years. CCX Media's Dave Kiser sits down with the mayor for a short conversation to look back over the years of service and look ahead to the future of the city.

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​​A CCX Media video presentation


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Take a trip back through time and learn about the wonderful city of Maple Grove, Minnesota. This 34-minute presentation is filled with stories about life in what is now Maple Grove from the periods of the first settlers to the growth as a city. In mid-2017 production started on Our Town’s Story – Maple Grove. Work on the program was completed by CCX Media with the help of The Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society. The story of Maple Grove’s history is told in the words of a wonderful mix of people well connected to the city.

​​​​​​Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society

Maple Grove, Hennepin County, Minnesota

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